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Why Should You Stage Your Home?

Why Should You Stage Your Home?

Shorten Time on the Market

If you are after a faster home sale, staging your home before you place it on the market can make a significant impact on the time it takes to sell.

Increase your Home's Value

In a recent survey of 3,500 staged homes, 46% sold for 10% more than what they would have if they weren't staged before being put on the market.

Appeal to a Larger Audience

95% of house hunters today use the Internet during their home search. Staging your home before taking professional pictures for the listing greatly increases the appeal of your property. Staging a home also makes it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home!

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What Exactly is Home Staging?

A big part of home staging is strategically positioning or adding furniture and decor to showcase a home in it’s best light before listing it on the market. Home staging can be as simple as cleaning, decluttering, and depersonalizing your home, but it can also involve more intensive measures such as painting, new flooring, and adding furniture and plants to help potential buyers visualize how they new house will look.

Our Professional Home Staging Rates

Standard Staging

$ Starts at $150
  • Reach out for a quote
  • We Do the Heavy Lifting!

Walk + Talk

$ 95 - 195
  • Meet with Staging Professional
  • Follow Up Report of To-Dos

Virtual Staging

$ Starts at $150
  • Follow Up Report of To-Dos


Physical Staging Services with Soft Inventory (faux florals, blankets, throw pillows, ottomans, etc.): Starting at $150 per hour + inventory fees for 2 staging professionals to come through and add inventory to help offer a more contemporary look. We assist with rearranging, decluttering, and depersonalizing, to prep the home for hitting the market.

Walk + Talk

A staging professional tours your home and offers professional tips and trips, as well as staging to dos for you to consider doing to prep your home for the market. Our walk + talk consults also come with a follow up report in a “to do” list format.


Our Virtual Staging sessions are like our Walk + Talk’s, but are facilitated over a video call. This service is great for customers who are outside of the Twin Ports area or would prefer a contactless experience. 

Power Staging

$ 150
  • 3 Hour Power Staging
  • We Do the Heavy Lifting!

Vacant Staging

Call for Quote
  • We Bring the Furniture
  • We Do the Heavy Lifting!


Power Staging Session (3 hours at $150.00 – $65.00 for every additional hour over 3 hours): 1-2 Staging professionals come in to physically stage the home, make beds, declutter, depersonalize, rearrange, and prep the space for photos and walk throughs. We often include fresh fruit/florals for an added touch of décor for no additional cost.


Our vacant home stage package includes 2-3 staging professionals along with 1-2 movers to bring in full furniture sets to set the stage for the market. We aim to create an experience to evoke emotions for potential buyers so they can envision themselves in the home with their family. Tidy Details is a buyer trends specialist, which allows us to stay up to date on the most contemporary look to best represent the home and target potential buyers.

Travel Rates: Standard: $0.55/mile traveled round trip for jobs outside of twin ports region
Transportation fee for vacant staging: $150.00

What Difference Does An Accredited Staging Professional Make?

Accredited staging professionals provide valuable services to help houses sell faster and make a positive impact in the real estate industry!

Duluth Real estate staging professional

Kaitlyn Beise is an accredited staging professional through Tidy Details. “What you do looks like so much fun!” Home staging business owners hear that comment – A LOT! Even though staging is fun and rewarding, it is also hard work, physical and demanding. Through our accredited program, we have learned how to establish, market, manage, and maintain a successful staging business. We also have connections with vendor programs and member discounts. We have access to master level stagers to offer mentoring as needed. We share and collaborate with other staging professionals to stay up to date on the latest staging trends. We also are involved with ongoing education on the business of home staging so we can continue to improve and perfect our staging services.

Real Estate Staging is More
Than Just Furniture,
its About Depersonalization

Depersonalizing is essential to home staging. It is about transitioning your space from it
being your home to a product about to hit the market. Depersonalizing is best explained
as eliminating your personal tastes while still trying to make it feel warm and welcoming.

The goal is to allow potential buyers to begin envisioning themselves and their family in
their new home.

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